I find Unica 4K fantastic for me: can it also be used by my husband?

Of course, in fact there is no difference between the  cosmetics functionality of a facial fluid for men or for women.

I noticed that the Unica 4K contains sunscreens: can I apply it in summer instead of protection?

Absolutely not, as the sunscreens contained in it are suitable for protecting the skin during natural daily exposure, but not from direct exposure to sunlight in summer, for which specific protection is needed.

Is Unica 4K clinically tested?

Yes, all certifications are available.

Is it a vegan product?

Unica 4K is to be considered a vegan product as it contains 100% natural and vegetable products not of animal origin.

Can the fragrance contained in Unica 4K cause allergies?

No, because the selected perfume is hypoallergenic according to IFRA (International Fragrance Association) regulations, therefore with a very low allergen content.

Bacchara Gold is certified according to UNI EN ISO 22716: 2008 (GMP) that guarantees the absolute quality of the marketed product.

Is Bacchara Gold a certified company? What quality guarantee does it offer me considering the cost of the product?

What does “poly – synergic and multifunctional action” mean?

All the active ingredients contained in the innovative formulation of Unica 4K act together and in synergy with each other, according to the various and different skin imperfections and those that could potentially arise, improving skin elasticity, firmness and brightness.

Is it a totally “Made in Italy” product?

Yes, 100% Made in Italy, since it is formulated and manufactured entirely in Italy using Italian know-how and style.

Can Unica 4K be used to soothe skin face irritations of small children?

It is a clinically tested product and can be safely used on the skin of children over 3 years of age.

Is it possible that it suitable for all skin types and people of any age?

Developing and making a “unique” product was a great challenge, because the skin is obviously different from subject to subject also in relation to their age . Unica 4K was formulated to be effective and meet the needs of 90% of skin types.

If I have very dry skin, can a single application of Unica 4K be enough?

Unica 4K exploits a deep moisturizing and anti-dehydrating action: in the case of a very dry skin it is recommended to apply Unica 4k a second time or subsequently apply any commonly used emollient cream for a more superficial hydration.

Why use up to 10 ingredients in one single product?

Because 10 synergistic active ingredients work simultaneously on multiple types of skin blemishes: guaranteed results with a single product rather than with the use of multiple specific products.

Why should we buy Unica 4k rather than a better-known product of the same price range?

Because it is a product that has a double quality value compared to the competitors. Bacchara Gold has decided to invest on quality rather than on advertising.

Is it possible to use Unica 4K in the morning before makeup?

Certainly: the velvety texture of Unica 4K guarantees its rapid absorption and constitutes an excellent base for make-up: it is also suitable for men’s skin after shaving. Apply morning and evening after normal cleansing on face and neck.

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