Vegan is the new fancy: the green soul of Unica 4K

The well-being of the planet is our well-being: the equation is simple, and easily demonstrable. More and more evident is the link between environmental imbalances and damage to our body: a trend that must be reversed immediately and dramatically, not only on a large scale, especially in starting from small actions that make up our daily lives.

A challenge that must also be accepted by the whole world of skincare: a sector, that of industrial cosmetics, too often animated by bombastic green declarations that unfortunately disguise the use of polluting agents, harmful not only for the human body but also for the whole ecosystem.

For this reason, Bacchara Gold has decided to refuse the use of polluting substances, such as the synthetic surfactants such as silicones and petrolatum – substances that have a high impact on the environment both during extraction and refining. Surfactants are among the main culprits of soil and water pollution, as they are not biodegradable and therefore, when released into the environment from the drain pipes, they disperse and spread through rivers and seas, deteriorating their habitat.

Similarly, the formula of Unica 4K does not contain any substance of animal origin: although the sale of any cosmetic tested on animals has been banned in Europe and the United States since 2013, the regulations do not exclude the use of animal-derived ingredients such as milk, eggs and beeswax, but also silk and lanolin proteins, a film of animal origin often used to give softness to the skin.

Bacchara Gold has decided to develop its products without all these ingredients to create a truly green, vegan beauty routine, respectful of animals and the environmentthe 10 active ingredients that make up its original formula are totally natural, non-polluting, and of certified origin. Because when we talk about ” total effect ” we are not just talking about multifunctionality: Unica 4K does not include only all the essential functions of a beauty routine (Link Pagine Home) , but it represents a cutting-edge product also with regard to the needs of customers always more attentive to environmental issues, more and more convinced and eager to do its part in the great challenge that the future poses.

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