Wellness is beauty: the new frontier of anti- pollution cosmetics

Today, only those who are in bad faith can deny the negative effects that pollution has on our health. And like all our organism , even the skin is seriously affected by the damage and alterations caused to the ecosystem. Specifically, the pollutants emitted into the air are deposited on our skin favoring the production of free radicals and degrading the function of collagen and elastin.

An imbalance that inevitably alters the cell renewal of the epidermis, which consequently loses tone, elasticity and hydration, collaterally increasing the risk of the onset of wrinkles and other imperfections.

For this reason, the Unica 4K formulation is characterized by the massive concentration of those active ingredients that have stood out for their ability to defend and preserve the natural balance of the skin.

Take for example turmeric: used for millennia for its anti-inflammatory properties (and still used to relieve the respiratory system), it is also characterized by a high presence of antioxidants which is particularly efficient in protecting the epidermis and counteracting absorption by the thin particles present in air pollutants. Turmeric extract is in fact one of the most combative ingredients when it comes to fighting free radicals and UV rays, a feature that makes it the ideal agent to combat skin aging resulting from external pollution and stress.

A parallel and, in many ways, complementary action is carried out by the moringa: known in Asia as “the plant that never dies”, the moringa is unanimously considered one of the most nutrient-rich plants on the planet. Thanks to a concentrate of vitamin A, vitamin E, vitamin C, potassium, sodium, amino acids, essential ions and essential fatty acids Omega 3, the active ingredient of moringa oleifera represents a real cure-all for all stressed skins. In particular, the presence of the so-called isothiocyanates gives moringa the ability to activate the Nrt2 factor, a powerful protein that promotes the natural regeneration process and increases the elasticity of the skin, for an immediate anti-aging action.

Not only that: the anti-pollution barrier created by turmeric and moringa proteins is further intensified, in the Unica 4K formula, by the synergistic action triggered by the presence of hyaluronic acid, cannabis sativa and myramaze (the “resurrection plant) – whose beneficial effects are explained in details here.

Unica 4K is in fact the only beauty routine that contains 10 active ingredients for the simultaneous and enhanced activation of 6 cosmetic functions: a  ” total effect urban cosmetic  ” which in one application provides your skin with nourishment, protection and splendor for all day and night.

Discover the incredible features of Unica 4K! 

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