Unica 4K: science and innovation for the future of anti-aging cosmetics

The advancing age, the cell decay, the air pollution, the action of toxic external agents, bad habits: there are so many variables involved to cause or accelerate the natural aging of our facial skin, causing the arising of a wide range of blemishes and wrinkles.

How to effectively stem and counteract the action of so many factors? Bacchara Gold has decided to answer this question with a formula that, inspired by 4K technology, relied on the most recent discoveries in “bioceutics” – that is, a brand new branch of research in the field of cosmetics devoted to the creation of high-quality cosmetics and dermatological activity through the ideal fusion (conceptually confirmed also in the name) between biotechnology and pharmaceuticals.

In short, a sector in the balance between medicine and bio cosmetics, started from the scrupulous analysis of the scientific principles at the basis of skin aging and aimed at identifying with precision the multiple structural or functional alterations, endogen and exogen, at the basis of cellular skin aging and the onset of specific blemishes.

An approach that Unica 4K has decided to further revolutionize by implementing in a single formula all those natural ingredients and extracts that have stood out for their regenerating, purifying and anti-aging action.

In fact, within the Unica 4K formula there are 10 active ingredients, and each of them, thanks to an unprecedented and revolutionary formulation, does not simply perform its aesthetic function but is enhanced by the presence and by the parallel action of the other active ingredients, guaranteeing the skin all the supply, nutrition and protection necessary to stimulate real skin rejuvenation and maintain its biological structures in excellent health.

The emollient, antioxidant and elasticizing qualities of active ingredients such as the unsaponifiable of olive, vitamin E or myramaze (renamed the “plant of resurrection” – why you can find out here (LINK POST BLOG) ) are proven and known to the scientific sector. However, in Unica 4K they find for the first time a cosmetic application that does not just exploit their individual qualities but aims to compose a real mosaic of beneficial actions capable of taking care at 360° of facial skin beauty and wellness.

A single application of Unica 4K gives the skin the numerous compensatory, protective and restorative properties that, in a standard beauty routine, are distributed on multiple different products: an exclusive formula containing 10 natural principles in pure and undiluted form that make up a truly multifunctional product , effective in results and comfortable in application.

Do you want to discover all the cosmetic effects of Unica 4K? Read here!

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