The hyaluronic acid, your best ally against dry and chapped skin

There is no man or woman who at least once in his life has not had to deal with dry or chapped skin – a superficial manifestation of a deeper weakness, or the visible symptom of a failure or imbalance of the water reserve contained in the skin.

There are many causes that can be traced to the appearance of dry and chapped skin: bad weather, central heating of houses and offices, the thermal imbalance between external and internal environments, the intake of too much caffeine are all causes ascribable and scientifically proven.

At the same time, however, the incredible properties of what many researchers have called “the key molecule” of the natural hydration process of the skin have long been known to science – and in particular to the cosmetics sector: the hyaluronic acid.

Hyaluronic acid is one of the fundamental building blocks of our biological structure, as it constitutes the connective tissue present in many regions of our body – not least in the joints, as its high moisturizing action reduces the damage created by the friction of the bones. With a gelatinous consistency, it is rich in fibers such as collagen and elastin: two fundamental components for our well-being, considering that they make up almost 25% of the total number of proteins in the human body. For this reason, hyaluronic acid is undoubtedly the most important of the glycosaminoglycans (GAGs) present in the skin, as it is widely involved in all those natural processes through which the skin tries to preserve its balance and stay healthy.

The secret? Its amazing ability to attract, absorb and retain the humidity of the surrounding environment – a characteristic that makes it one of the most used “humectant” ingredients in modern cosmetics. Suffice it to say that a single gram of hyaluronic acid is capable of storing up to six liters of water! An even more impressive result, considering that hyaluronic acid acts on the skin dosing the right amount of water over time, avoiding excessive hydration and “breakage” phenomena of the key substances present on the surface.

While on the one hand hyaluronic acid contributes to maintaining stable skin hydration levels, on the other, it is able to revitalize – also due to the rich presence of collagen and elastin – the most superficial layers of the skin, so that even after a single application, the skin is immediately softer, smoother and more radiant.

In Unica 4K the use of hyaluronic acid has been further revolutionized thanks to an innovative and advanced formula that allows its activation in synergic and enhanced cooperation with the other active ingredients. The exclusive formula of Unica 4K puts hyaluronic acid in the condition to collaborate in cosmetic processes activated by other ingredients and natural substances, supporting, for example, the action of the myramaze in the correct deep hydration of the face, or acting concurrently with moringa proteins – the superfood of skincare – to further relaunch its anti-aging, elasticizing and regenerating effects.

Hyaluronic acid is just one of the ingredients that make Unica 4K a product destined to revolutionize the skincare scenario forever – click here to discover them all!

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