Discovering the Myramaze, the Plant or Resurrection

Health and Wellness help beauty: this axiom has been never so true as it is in recent years, with the growing willingness of increasingly informed and demanding customers to have faith into cosmetics characterized by natural, genuine and effective formulas.

In the field of cosmetics, research has turned with increasing scruple and attention to those plants – trees, flowers, roots – whose properties often conceal peculiar metabolic characteristics capable of releasing incredible beneficial effects for human skin.

Take for example the extract of Myramaze, one of the most important active ingredients of the exclusive Unica 4K formula. It is obtained from the Myrothamnus flabellifolius , not surprisingly renamed since time immemorial as ‘the plan of resurrection’ by the people of the South of Africa region: this small shrub, present mainly in desert areas, has developed a real strategy for survival which allows it to thrive even in a hostile environment, characterized by long periods of drought and scarce and irregular rains, when not completely absent.

And it is definitely a remarkable show to observe closely the change that a few drops of water trigger on the appearance of the plant: the Mirothamnus flabellifolia lives in a state metabolically inactive, which allows it to retain moisture even during periods of dryness and drought but, when subjected to a minimum quantity of water, it reactivates its functions and undergoes a rapid transformation, easily visible even to the naked eye.

Awakened the metabolic activity, the leaves of Mirothamnus flabellifolia grow at an incredible speed, while you will immediately notice a significant difference in the size of the plant between his dehydrated condition and its new guise. An amazing effect that before the scientists hit the ancient indigenous peoples, who in fact were the first to use oils and lotions obtained from Mirothamnus flabellifolia to treat ailments such as cough, flu and back pain.

Was this the first practical application of Myramaze? Difficult to speculate. Instead, what we perfectly know are the incredible cosmetic qualities of this extraordinary natural extract, which in the Unica 4K formula we find in a pure and undiluted version.

The Myramaze extract in fact triggers a profound process of regeneration of the skin through the activation of a protective barrier against oxidation caused by most of the linoleic fatty acids: while its exceptional supply of hydration is able to strengthen even the driest and driest skin surfaces.

Not only that: UNICA 4K, by synergistic and pluri -potential effect of its active ingredients, using the extract of Myramaze in a completely new formula can give off its exponential effects. In fact, in parallel with the extracts of hyaluronic acid, vitamin E, stamina cells and cannabis sativa, Myramaze not only enhances its deep moisturizing action but, thanks to the collaboration with the other natural ingredients, it is able to trigger further elasticising processes, rejuvenating the skin with an anti- aging effect.

The Myramaze represents a symbol very dear to us: its essence, poised between tradition and novelty, perfectly embodies the will of Bacchara Gold to explore old traditions and new scientific frontiers and to achieve natural, healthy, innovativeamazing-to-the-touch and effective-in-result cosmetics. Seeing is believing!

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