4K – Cosmetics in High Definition

The will on the basis of the birth of Unica 4K was clear: to design a multifunction fluid face in which all the cosmetic functions of a healthy and effective beauty routine were summarized, expanded, improved.

An objective that could not be achieved without winning a fundamental challenge: to study and implement a highly innovative formula, totally new, where the healthiest and most efficient active ingredients were gathered in a harmonious and enhanced way.

Pure and undiluted active ingredients – when talking about Unica 4K, this must be specified immediately. How many times has it happened to buy a cream or a fluid that promised the presence of natural extracts and active ingredients only to realize, once the label has been read, that these so much decanting characteristics were actually confined to a few percentages of product?

This is not the case with Unica 4K: for the first time in cosmetics, its exclusive formula contains as many as 10 pure and undiluted active ingredients – a possible result thanks to the revolutionary 4K technology, which has allowed us not only to combine all the necessary natural extracts together to trigger specific cosmetic functions, but also to release synchronous and pluripotential effects.

What does it mean? That the pure active ingredients within Unica 4K, in addition to performing their normal cosmetic function, are activated in collaboration with each other, enhancing the respective effect or creating new ones by virtue of their combination.

An example: we all know the beneficial properties of hyaluronic acid, which gives the skin cells their own characteristics of resistance and elasticity, so that its lack is among the causes that greatly influence in the formation of wrinkles.

Thanks to our new technology in the Unica 4K formula, hyaluronic acid does not just perform its natural function, that is to counteract the aging of the skin surface and the appearance of imperfections but, in combination with other active ingredients, it amplifies the own cosmetic effect and adds new ones.

In combination with moringa proteins, hyaluronic acid contributes to the activation of a deep regenerating and protective effect; the synergistic action with Myramaze (‘the resurrection plant’) further enhances its moisturizing action; in conjunction with the peptide complex, it ensures a tensor, relaxing and soothing lifting effect.  

For this reason, Unica 4K is characterized for its new and revolutionary cosmetic characteristics: the concentration of 10 pure active principles able to act synergistically with the aim to enhance its cosmetic effect and activate multiple regenerative processes, protective, moisturizing or compensating with the application of a single product.

A choice of comfort, as well as of undoubted effectiveness, designed to meet the needs even of all those busy women, who in the carousel of work, family, relatives, children, and friends hardly find a way to carve out the necessary time to devote to a structured beauty routine.

The attention paid to a refined and captivating packaging is also aimed in the same direction: the desire to create a product that truly characterizes itself as a multisensory caress – cosmetic and aesthetic, tactile and visual – capable of welcoming and satisfying needs of beauty and health of modern women.

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